#SLOSHY: An Irreverent Show Episode

The Irreverent Show returns to its true form. An episode that strays from the planned and discussed outline, it tangents to never before heard stories. It’s all fueled by the classic and classy Old Fashioned and Manhattan Cocktails.

Alex Diaz
Orlando MegaCon Special

Check out our Orlando MegaCon Special. We record on site for the first half and then back at home for the wrap up. It was our first time doing a con of this size, and our first time recording a complete episode away from the 7311. The sound quality is not the greatest, but, it what we have available to us while on the go. Remember to go like us on Facebook, go Subscribe on iTunes or even go to our Anchor.FM and listen to all the episodes we currently have up, and the episodes coming your way in the future.

Happy X-Men Day!!!

It’s no surprise we love our superheroes and geeky culture at the Irreverent Show. So we visited Tate’s Comic Book Shop to celebrate this made up holiday: “X-Men Day”

Alex Diaz
Send us some… E-mails

Want to contact the show? Want to send us your feedback on how bad we suck? How great we are? Comments on any topics we touched upon? Did we touch you? Did you like it? If so, send us some email. We’ll read them on the air and shout you out. Good or bad, naughty or nice, they’ll make it on the air and then you could feel a part of the show.



Alex Diaz
Episode Player

For future reference, all episodes will be located in the episodes section the site. When new episodes are posted, episode players will be added to the site. They’ll be separated by 2019 or current season and Throwback Thursday Episodes. This way you know exactly what the latest episode is, and what episode we released on Thursday’s of the week a new episode is not posted.

The player looks like this. Click on the play button and enjoy the show. You can even continue browsing PornHub as you listen. Click on a video and mute it. Our show is a much better backdrop than fake orgasms and grunting. #Lifehack

The player looks like this. Click on the play button and enjoy the show. You can even continue browsing PornHub as you listen. Click on a video and mute it. Our show is a much better backdrop than fake orgasms and grunting. #Lifehack

Once again we hope you enjoy all our content, and don’t forget to subscribe and review our show on whatever platform you receive your podcasts.


Alex Diaz

We’ve officially made our long awaited comeback. A brand new episode is now available for your listening pleasure. Check us out over at anchor.fm/Irreverentshow or find us on the Apple podcast app, or even on Spotify. We’ve made it extremely easy to find us and enjoy all the new content coming your way. Don’t forget to hit those subscribe buttons, and give us some nice reviews, these help climb us up the charts and let us be found by people all over the world. We thank you for your patience and for sticking by us during this too long hiatus.

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Alex Diaz

Hello, Irreverent fans, we have some amazing news to share with you all. The Irreverent show can now be heard through Anchor FM. Click Here: www.anchor.fm/irreverentshow to reach us and listen to our episodes. So far we have only added one “Throwback Thursday” edition of the podcast, but, we will be adding our entire library soon.

New episodes will be coming shortly and you will be able to reach them on Anchor FM as well. Anchor FM is also in charge of distributing our show to every major podcast provider out there. So, if you have a favorite provider, that is not Apple Podcasts, you’ll be able to listen to us no matter what.

Join us, and swing by our Anchor FM site and check out our Cinco De Mayo 2015 episode.

***Shots of 1800 not included, but recommended.***

Alex Diaz
Site Updates and More...

It's been too long... We've been away for too long. We are updating the site, to fall in line with our new vision for the design language that represents the show as a whole. With that being said, big announcements are coming soon. We've said it before, but this time, its for real. The studio is almost complete, we are making arrangements with new guest, and some returning. We are busy looking into filming and live streaming. Along with all these things going on, we are kicking around the idea, of live streaming or filming play alongs with Alex, during the month of October as he plays Resident Evil 7, and most likely adds to his pants shitting tally. Stay Tuned!!! The Irreverent Show will be returning soon, and we got a whole lot of shit to talk, and drinks to drunk. 

Alex Diaz