Hello, Irreverent fans, we have some amazing news to share with you all. The Irreverent show can now be heard through Anchor FM. Click Here: to reach us and listen to our episodes. So far we have only added one “Throwback Thursday” edition of the podcast, but, we will be adding our entire library soon.

New episodes will be coming shortly and you will be able to reach them on Anchor FM as well. Anchor FM is also in charge of distributing our show to every major podcast provider out there. So, if you have a favorite provider, that is not Apple Podcasts, you’ll be able to listen to us no matter what.

Join us, and swing by our Anchor FM site and check out our Cinco De Mayo 2015 episode.

***Shots of 1800 not included, but recommended.***

Alex Diaz
Site Updates and More...

It's been too long... We've been away for too long. We are updating the site, to fall in line with our new vision for the design language that represents the show as a whole. With that being said, big announcements are coming soon. We've said it before, but this time, its for real. The studio is almost complete, we are making arrangements with new guest, and some returning. We are busy looking into filming and live streaming. Along with all these things going on, we are kicking around the idea, of live streaming or filming play alongs with Alex, during the month of October as he plays Resident Evil 7, and most likely adds to his pants shitting tally. Stay Tuned!!! The Irreverent Show will be returning soon, and we got a whole lot of shit to talk, and drinks to drunk. 

Alex Diaz
We've Started A Blog

The Eggplant: News. Entertainment. Life

Hello world, check out our newly launched blog: The Eggplant.

BuzzFeed meets The Onion - but better. Check it out and stay tuned the show is almost back. 

Alex Diaz
It's Been a While...



It has been well over, two years since we last recorded, and posted a new episode of "The Irreverent Show." Many of our listeners have probably forgotten us, especially our Russian base of listeners, which lets be honest - during this time of political unrest - we don't need the FBI or CIA or whoever is trying to investigate this Russian hacking nonsense to be poking their noses into the ins and outs of the 7311 Studios (No secret dossier here, move along, good sir!)

Anyways, we have some catching up to do. Starting in October of 2017, WE ARE BACK!!! We will be recording the first show and posting it the following day. Following our first show, every episode of "The Irreverent Show" will be live on Mixlr - we dabbled with Mixlr last "season" and it worked out well and we believe it is the perfect platform for us.

When everything settles in, we have a great amount of work to be done, to completely fill out the vision we have for the "show" as a whole. Youtube, Twitch, and general foolishness are coming your way. As always, look for us on the Apple Podcast App, and on iTunes. We also will be posting all of our new episodes here on the website, and we will post ALL of our older episodes as well, just give us some time for this to happen.

We thank you all for your patience and continued support, prepare to be entertained, and leave the lack of humor at your mom's house, we have no time for that shit here.